Care Concierge Solution



Concierge Care via the Care Communication Center addresses your top healthcare system challenges:


       + Engage & Empower Healthcare Consumers - consistently providing a level of attention and service that creates a meaningful, long-term relationship with your Healthcare Consumers and their natural support care network of family and friends.


       + Simplify Access to Care - position your Healthcare System as the first reference point for all the Consumer's healthcare needs and how they prefer to access advice and care.


        + Expand Brand – the Healthcare Consumer feels an attachment to the health system. This experience also funnels new clients to your healthcare system because you are actively interacting with the patient’s natural support network (enhanced by the CareVillage app) creating a satisfying and strong brand experience.

The Care Communication Center - a key component of your Virtual Care Network


The Care Communication Center (CCC) offers a Concierge-level experience for healthcare consumers as they interact with the healthcare system. Our best in class CCC works to build your consumer-friendly brand by enhancing relationship interactions such as:


         +  Triage to immediately address needs

         + Urgent Care by connecting consumers with clinicians

             via virtual care tools

         + Care Coordination and Scheduling

         + Remote Monitoring and Chronic Condition


         + Care Plan Management and support

         + Caregiver & Family Support

         + Connection to appropriate Content



Patients often interact with the healthcare system when they are sick, injured and at their most vulnerable.  The way they are treated has an impact on their satisfaction and perception of the quality of care they are receiving at your organization.  Studies show that the emotional state of an individual has significant impact on outcomes, which is effected during interactions with the healthcare system, both in-person and virtually.


What is Concierge Care?


Now, you can receive Concierge level service in the healthcare environment through Firecracker’s Concierge Care solutions.  Concierge Care is care delivered through Firecracker’s Care Communication Center, a key component to your Virtual Care Network.  Care Concierges are Care Coordinators and Care Managers who are trained to leverage our technology platforms offering healthcare consumers a concierge-level care experience.

Firecracker Care Concierge Solution


Firecracker provides end-to-end Care Communication Center technology platform and Care Concierge staffing of Care Coordinators and Care Managers to seamlessly support your organization and your Virtual Care Network.  This team can work autonomously or supplement your current call center team.


Our goal is to transform the way consumers access your organization via a 1-stop convenience point to innovatively fulfill healthcare consumer needs thereby creating a strong relationship to your brand.


Your CCC offers your healthcare patients and consumers easy and convenient access to the healthcare system 24/7 via :


If you are as serious as we about igniting transformation in healthcare contact us:


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