Healthfulness Centers of AmericaTM


Live Your Best Life!

A new healthcare paradigm brought to you by:

Dr. Summer Knight and Firecracker International

The Healthfulness Centers of AmericaTM ("Healthfulness") is a next-generation, person-centric, preference-enabled healthcare organization enabling improved health outcomes with effective, collaborative treatment decisions for:


+ Healthfulness

+ Acute illnesses and injuries

+ chronic conditions.


Our goal is to be a model Center of Excellence of Primary Care impacting individuals at a Population Health level.   Our job is to empower and educate our clients and support their natural support network and caregivers.


Leading with a You-Centric approach, the Healthfulness Centers of AmericaTM surrounds you with your own Healthfulness Team specifically focused on the optimization of your health creating a relationship paradigm that:


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The Healthfulness Centers of America meet or exceed the Care Delivery Transformation outlined in the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus programming espoused by CMS and the ONC.  We have addressed their 3 key areas of impact:


+ Care Management

+  Access

+ Quality Improvement.


Your Healthfulness Center of America was developed from inception to be available when, where, and how you prefer receiving support by offering both face-to-face virtual care & bricks-and-mortar experience.


Dr. Summer Knight is an innovation catalyst expert successfully founding and Healthcare passionate. She is an experienced Fortune 100 national medical Executive and Innovation Expert. Dr Knight is often referred to as “The Innovation Doctor”, An astute businessperson with strong clinical background (MBA, MD) experienced as CEO, Chief Medical Officer (State of Florida and corp), Head of Sales and BD, and Strategy and Innovation. Thrives on challenging assignments, big deals, high growth, and turnaround situations working with tenacious, passionate, high-integrity teams.