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Organizational health is the composite of the healthfulness of the employees of that organization. Healthy companies are made up of productive, engaged employees working in a positive culture, free to do their best work, unleash innovative ideas and collaborate in making the company, its products and its services better and stronger, leading to an enhanced bottom line. If the employees do not exhibit healthfulness, the company itself cannot be healthful. Building a Healthy Company leads to a higher degree of employee healthfulness, and a more sustainable bottom line.




In startling contrast, organizations meeting the criteria of healthfulness have 41% fewer healthcare expenses, saving $3 million for each 1000 employees.  That is why the healthfulness of a company and its people can dramatically impact the bottom line and shareholder value.

Organizations that strive to implement Healthy Company ™ know that it is not only the smart thing to do, it is the right thing to do.  What are you willing to do to ensure that your organization is smart and doing the right thing in promoting Healthfulness in your organization?

Healthy CompanyTM is a powerful solution to effect meaningful, sustainable change in an organization's Healthfulness that directly impacts employees, and enhances their relationship with the organization.  Our Healthy CompanyTM unique, proprietary methodology assesses multiple dimensions of a company.  These dimensions are referred to as Impact Zones and include:

Why be concerned with employee healthfulness?

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