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A strategy is only as good as its execution. That’s why Firecracker developed its Healthcare Project Management Office (hPMO). The Firecracker hPMO is assiduous in driving the tactical actions needed for measurable outcomes and holistically manages your innovation transformation in a phased approach streamlining projects to meet objectives. The hPMO uses specialized skills, tools and knowledge to assist your organization in managing projects and delivering the best possible business outcomes.  We help you to execute projects from strategy, to planning, to implementation, to completion.


     + Manage schedules, resources and budgets

     + Facilitate meetings

     + Build positive relationships with clients

     + Select and manage Vendors

     + Manage PR with project thresholds

     + Track documentation and data collection

     + Create presentations

     + Conduct follow-up studies on projects

     + Establish relationships to achieve organizational objectives


Proper planning, development and execution ensures timely completion of projects. Extensive involvement and familiarity with projects allows the hPMO to communicate with all stakeholders throughout the project life cycle. The hPMO defines roles and monitors team members, consultants, and stakeholders and coordinates all your project activities. Additionally, the hPMO manages project risks and develops solutions to problems.


hPMO projects and processes include:


     + Firecracker’s proprietary Pilot-to-Revenue Frameworks

     + Expert project management to ensure your project remains on track

     + Regular Status Reporting

     + Dedicated Account Manager

     + Executive Support


At Firecracker International, we support clients as they achieve rapid growth and transformational change. World-class organizations rely on our proven Healthcare Project Management approach, assuring your project is executed pro-actively, on budget and on time.








Dynamite Team


Working with us means partnering with a synergetic team of Project Managers, Analysts and Coordinators, supported by advisors including doctors, nurses and healthcare executives and administrators.  We leverage our broad clinical and business expertise to help you generate measurable, sustainable results. We execute on your visionary strategies, chart efficient pathways and implement smart tactics to transform organizations enabling them to compete in the new healthcare reality. We’re passionate about what we do, take a focused hands-on approach and commit ourselves fully to your success.



Together, we bring excellence & innovation to new healthcare solutions

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