The Business Imperative: A Changing Healthcare System Environment



The Solution:  Virtual Care Network

A Virtual Care Network is a suite of Consumer Engagement and Virtual Care Delivery tools and services enabling clinicians to deliver care remotely from the physical presence of the patient either supplementing or supplanting traditional care.  A Virtual Care Network (VCN) can provide you a continuous, longitudinal connection into the home and a view into the social factors impacting patients.

The VCN enables you to offer much more support to healthcare consumers and their natural support network to improve outcomes. VCN development requires strategy and considers how to optimize the core elements of Virtual Care technology for specific use cases. The core technology and service components include:

When implemented strategically, a Virtual Care Network helps you compete in today's healthcare market by:


 +  Providing Easy Access-to-Care


 +  Creating a long-term connected relationship with the

     Healthcare Consumer


 +  Increasing customer acquisition and retention


 +  Expanding brand by being the top-of-mind provider of



 +  Improving Outcomes & increasing adherence


 +  Providing a means to share information & answer



 +  Addressing the Social Aspects of Care


 +  Minimizing hospital admissions and readmissions by

      addressing non-emergency health concerns with

      preventative methods within a digital space


 +  Helping to monitor and manage long-term and

     post-acute care while a patient rests and recuperates

     at home


 +  Increasing the number of patients who can be seen

     and treated during a given period of time


 +  Providing new streams of revenue in the form of

     virtual consultations & assessments


 +  Earning incentives from government programs


 +  Reducing Cost of Care

Whether you have experimented with telehealth, have existing programs in place, or are brand new to Virtual Care concepts, you must accelerate, be nimble and anticipate change.  At Firecracker International, we collaborate with clients on strategies to engage healthcare consumers, integrate technologies into their clinical operations, and achieve growth.


World-class organizations rely on our proven strategy-through- tactical transformation approach and futurist outlook. Our approach encompasses the viewpoints of the consumers, the healthcare system and the physicians.  Care delivery transformation effects all, and the change requires a strategy with a well thought out implementation.


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